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Our Additional Services

At S&N Tyres and Brakes we don’t just sell and fit tyres, we also offer a range of other services that help keep your vehicle in optimum condition. From oil changes to brake repairs, we carry out a variety of professional services to meet your needs, always providing efficient solutions at excellent value for money. Whether you require our services as a tyre fitter, vehicle technician or both, we deliver reliable and efficient solutions, meeting the needs of all kinds of customers in Crawley, Horley, East Grinstead and the surrounding areas.

When you need specialist services or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and can arrange an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. In addition to tyre supply and fitting, we offer the following services:

flat tyre

Puncture Repair

We know how inconvenient a puncture can be, and they always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Luckily, our puncture repair service ensures quick and reliable repair where possible. Please note, we only repair punctures if the tyre is still road legal and in good condition. Repairs must also meet relevant British Standards, which means not all punctures are suitable for repair, but we always advise on the suitability of a repair after an inspection. If we cannot carry out a repair, our tyre fitters can replace the tyre and we supply a range of tyres to suit all needs.

We offer a mobile service for puncture repairs in Crawley, Horley, East Grinstead and the nearby areas, giving you the services you need without the hassle.

exhaust repair

Exhaust Repair & Replacement

It is a legal requirement to have a working exhaust system on your car, so if you notice any issues it’s important to get it checked as soon as possible.

When you bring your vehicle to S&N Tyres and Brakes, we check the performance of your exhaust and carry out any necessary repairs.

We also undertake exhaust replacements if repairs are unsuitable, supplying appropriate products.

brake repairs

Brake Repairs

If you’re having problems with your brakes, such as squeaking, sponginess or pulling to one side, we assess the issue and carry out suitable repairs to ensure your braking system is in full working order, maintaining the safety of your vehicle.

car servicing

Full Car Servicing

Regular car servicing is a vital part of car maintenance and involves a number of checks and adjustments to keep your vehicle in good condition. You should arrange a service with us at least once a year but depending on how you use your vehicle, we may recommend more frequent servicing. If a service highlights any issues, we recommend necessary work and can carry out some services ourselves. For example, our tyre fitters can replace worn out or damaged tyres.

car charging

Diagnostic Checks

We can run a full diagnostic check to identify faults with your vehicle, including the cause of dashboard lights and error codes. Using state of the art equipment, we quickly and accurately diagnose faults to advise on necessary repairs.

car battery

Car Batteries

Issues with car batteries are common and many of our customers in the Crawley, Horley and East Grinstead areas come to us for help with their battery. In some cases, the battery may simply need recharging, but if the problem is more serious, we offer battery replacement and fitting.

oil change

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes keep your engine running smoothly. We can check to see if you need an oil change and if necessary, carry out an efficient change using the right oil for your vehicle.


Motorcycle Services

S&N Tyres and Brakes offers motorcycle servicing as well as the sale and fitting of motorcycle tyres.

Call our tyre fitters and vehicle technicians on 01293 447934 when you need professional services in East Grinstead, Horley and the nearby areas.


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