New and Part Worn Tyres in Horley

How to Tell When you Need a Tyre Replacement

Ensuring your tyres are in good condition is an essential part of road and vehicle safety. But how do you know when it’s time for a replacement? There are various factors which affect the lifespan of a tyre, so you must make regular checks to ensure they are in a suitable condition and arrange services with our tyre fitters or mobile tyre fitters as soon as you notice a problem. With over 20 years’ experience, we know exactly what to look out for and have outlined below the key signs that indicate you need to replace your tyres. As specialists in budget and part worn tyres, we have something for everyone, making us a leading choice for tyre replacements in Horley, Crawley and the nearby areas.

In addition to the services we provide as tyre fitters, we also offer a range of other services, such as wheel alignment, diagnostic checks and brake repairs, and can advise when such work is necessary. We also provide full car servicing and motorcycle servicing, trye sales and fitting.

The following signs suggest you need to arrange a tyre replacement in Horley asap:

Low Tread

Tyre tread gives you traction, helping you maintain control, slow down and stop. As such, as the tread wears down, the risk of skids and collisions increases. By law, the tread on each tyre must be 1.6mm or above, but for maximum safety we recommend changing your tyres when the tread reaches 3mm.

New and budget options come with at least 8mm of tread. Part worn tyres will have less, but the tread will still be a safe and legal depth.

Tyre Damage

It is important to regularly check tyres for signs of damage because this can lead to tyre failure or may make your tyres illegal. You should look for cuts, bulges, punctures and irregular wear and call us for a professional check if you notice any of these issues.

As a mobile tyre fitter, we can come to your home or work to carry out puncture repairs and tyre fitting in Horley, or you are welcome to visit us in person. If the problem is irregular tyre wear, you may benefit from a laser wheel alignment, which we carry out to manufacturer recommendations.


Although the way you treat your tyres has the main effect on their condition and lifespan, age is still an important factor. You should have a professional check your tyres once they are 5 years old, but once they reach 10 years from the date of manufacture, they will almost certainly need replacing. You should also look at the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning mileage, which is typically 25,000 miles before they need changing.

Consequently, age is something you should consider when buying part worn tyres because they will generally be older than new options and will already have some mileage to them.

Shaky Driving

If you’re feeling more vibration from the road than normal, it could be time for a tyre change. If your tyres are very worn, you may have a bumpy driving experience even on smooth roads. However, there are other cause of increased vibration, such as faulty shock absorbers or improper wheel alignment. When you call our mobile tyre fitters in Horley, we provide expert advice and offer a range of services to resolve the problem, including tyre fitting, balancing, repairs and alignment.

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