Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment in East Grinstead | Everything You Need to Know

As tyre specialists, we carry out both wheel alignment and wheel balancing, but if you’re unsure what the difference is, you’re not alone. Although many people think they’re the same thing, they are in fact two very different services, so we’ve created this guide to clear up any confusion. When providing new or part worn tyres in the Crawley and East Grinstead areas, we also carry out wheel balancing to ensure an even distribution of weight. Alignment on the other hand focuses on the position of wheels and we offer this service at our dedicated tyre centre.

With many years of experience as tyre fitters and mobile tyre fitters, we offer expert advice and solutions for all your car tyre and wheel needs, ensuring you get the right service at competitive price. We also offer professional services for motorcycles, including tyre sales and fitting.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing ensures an even distribution of weight around the wheel, as well as making sure the tyre rotates evenly. To do this, we add small balancing weights to the rim in counter weight inconsistencies until we achieve equal distribution.

As specialist mobile tyre fitters, we undertake wheel balancing every time we fit new or part worn tyres in East Grinstead, ensuring perfect balance. However, over time wheels can lose balance, requiring wheel balancing to resolve the issue. This is important because wheels that are not correctly balanced can cause uncomfortable vibrations, premature tyre wear and early wear of suspension and steering components.

If you notice any of these issues, it is important to call us for a wheel balance which will give you a smoother, safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Wheel Alignment

Our alignment service in East Grinstead checks the direction and angle of your wheels to make sure they are parallel to each other and the road. This involves using laser alignment technology to look at the camber, toe and caster, before using specialist equipment to make any adjustments, setting wheels to the optimum position as recommended by the manufacturer.

Your wheels become misaligned over time due to road conditions and bumps such as hitting a pothole, curb or speed bump, so it is important to get your alignment checked with our tyre fitters every year. This can also prevent or resolve a range of issues that misalignment can cause, such as uneven tyre wear, pulling to one side and uneven breaking.

Our customers can choose between 2- or 4-wheel alignment and we can also carry out alignment alongside other services, such as car servicing, fitting part worn tyres or brake repairs.

What Service Do I Need?

If you are still unsure exactly which service you require, please get in touch with our team. We are always happy to help, offering expert advice and solutions no matter what problems you’re having with your car. We aim to deliver convenient and efficient services at excellent value for money and this includes supplying budget tyres as well as offering services as a mobile tyre fitter in East Grinstead, saving you the hassle of visiting our tyre centre for a tyre change and wheel balancing.

For professional wheel alignment and balancing in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas, call S&N Tyres and Brakes on 01293 447934.


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